My First High Altitude Aircraft Spots


Also, Very nice pictures! Better than i can get!


Thank you! (what I don’t understand is that you can’t see the registration on ANY of the high altitude plane spotting threads and no-one mentions that over there!


Dont worry about it, it does not matter, its a plane, its gonna have a Reg, so it doesn’t matter. Your photos are great.


Thank you!


Your welcome, (Also, it does say its your First High altitude spots. so ya gotta start somewhere)


They are my first high altitude spots.


I said that lol, I gotta go, Have a great day!


Nah he’s just starting with it I like his enthusiasm to start with it and as motivation I want just to say continue and with time you will just catch them even better!
These photos are already nice even if some of them aren’t perfect!


They’re not being rude; they’re just pointing out that the photos don’t fit the criteria of the rules.


Heyyyy. I like your avatar. I have many a good memory in the Double Ugly.


Who’s avatar?