My First High Altitude Aircraft Spots

Here is my first topic for my high altitude plane spots! I just started high altitude plane spotting (3 days ago) so some of these are cut out / blurry… sorry… :)
Taken with 65X optical and up to 260X Total Zoom

1: ANA 777-300ER - 38,000 feet

2: WestJet 737-800 - 30,000 feet

3: United A320 - 34,000 feet

4: Air Canada 737MAX 8 - 34,000 feet

5: Air Canada CRJ-700

6: Air Canada A320 - 29,000 feet

7: WestJet 737-700 - 32,000 feet
For those of you who like contrails and logos…
8: WestJet 737-800 - 31,000 feet
9: Air Canada Rouge! A319 - 32,000 feet
10: American Express E175 - 28,000 feet
Does anyone know what the APU is doing in the picture below?

(I would just like to know what the APU is doing).

Anyone have any Ideas of things I can do to make my pictures more stable?

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Would you like more photos?
Thank you!

(I’m still practicing)


How do you think I can make my pictures better? Comment below:

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I’m not that much of a photographer so I can’t answer your question. Although, I do like the idea of spotting at a different angle. I would assume this is only possible with clear skies.

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Yes, it’s only possible with clear skies and the right lighting (which allows to up to 4 pictures a day)

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APUs are used during flight when in icing conditions. The air-frame anti icing system uses that much bleed-air, there is not much left for cabin pressurization (or the other way round). If the APU bleed-air is used to pressurize the cabin, the (already low) climb gradient is improved. Also used in the event of a generator failure. The generator of the APU can replace one failed generator of an engine.


Awesome photos! It’s sweet to see another community member trying out high-altitude photography. :)

I’m hoping to get outside for more like this but we’ve had a lot of weather coming through New England!


Thank you! I’m really liking high altitude plane spotting!


Oh, wow! It was -9*C outside, so I understand. Thank you!


Get a tripod…


I have one, but the planes move too fast for me to follow…

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Actually, @Bobby, when I say your high altitude plane spotting pictures, they inspired me and after a few months, I got a camera for that!

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  • How pixelated is your photo if you are zoomed in a long way?
  • Can you see the registration?
  • How much of the aircraft can you see?

Let me just bring these up from the guidelines for the Spotting category


1: Pretty Pixelated
2: On a few of them
3: Most of it except for picture 6.

that’s awesome, I’m glad I was able to have an impact on someone like that! I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have to share down the road :)


Thank you!

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I mean if you’re using 265x total zoom and only 65 of that is optical there’s no way you’re going to be able get a clean image. What you have here is probably pushing the camera towards it’s limits.

You can’t see the registration on any of them. I don’t think it’s the best idea to post these pictures here, as they aren’t up to the quality of #real-world-aviation:spotting.


Rude. Very Rude…


It’s fine, it’s honest. :(

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Honesty is key, but not when you are not being respectful.