My first Group flight in the new Ejet

First off, Thanks to everyone who made 22.7 a reality!! It is the best update I personally think has every been released and I would like to cheers the IF community as we open brand new chapter filled with unknown adventures that lie ahead!

So cheers!

Departure ICAO: KSLC
Arrival ICAO: KJAC
Flight time: 35 minutes
Group members: @United403, @Avaitor1
Aircraft: E175 Delta connectI

Starting at B19 in the new E175

Blasting out of a newly 3d Salt lake city International with @Avaitor1 not far behind

Passing over Hill AFB

Approaching Bear lake Idaho/Utah at Golden hour

Approaching my home, Jackson hole Wy

Downtown Jackson is off our wing with snow king resort also visible

Is that a go around? Why yes it is because I was wayy to high to land safely

On downwind with the Grand Teton Reaching to 13,770 ft above sea level

Touch down as @Avaitor1 watches me Butter

Safely at the gate in Jackson as the sun sets after a crazy day brought on by the amazing release of 22.7

Cheers IFC
Here’s to the adventures that await



Wow nice pictures!


Jealous! Beautiful views

Nice pictures!

Nice to see mxyv supporting its pilots…

@Appalachian_Airlines I’m actually the Training manager for Breeze VA

I LOVE IT!!! Thx for choosing the NEW SLC!!!

3d on both ends which was worth the wait

Nice pics!