My first go around to avoid crash

I dont know if im postín correctly here…
This morning i had my first go around in expert server to avoid a crash. I was on Short final landing in WSSS 20C when i saw a 777 taxiing to the runway. When i thought it will hold Short happened this

It was near miss because i was almost on the runway. But i could avoid the crash and after the go around i landed safely :)


Well good work going around and sensing a danger. IF this happens next time maybe PM a moderator and they will get things handled.

Or it could be posted here if you’d like


Good work mate, that was a great decision, can you tell me if there was ATC on WSSS on that moment?

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Yes. There was ATC online. ATC told me sorry moment after that.

ATC must avoid this type of circumstances!
Even so, you take the right and a good decision, keep going mate.


Thank you. I supose everybody can have errors and thats why we always have to be alert :)

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We are humans so accidents happen! This happens in real life too!

Even though the act did a small mistake you did the correct thing to do a go around!

Some people may look at your photos and say “oh god this is happening on expert…” well I mean if it happens in real life and you handled it with professionalism then I think yeah this is quite the expert!

not sure if that made sense


I agree with you!


Always remember the SWISS001 song @Swiss, you can always go around…


Good job on going around, usually when I’m on a >4nm final if i see an aircraft crossing the hold short line i just go around to avoid collision.

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Totally agree with you @George_Anastasis. Thanks :)


Yep, I remember this. I was the ATC.

The pilot of ‘some random name-flight of 9’ requested crossing of 02C on Ground frequency and before I knew it, he was on the runway.

We won’t be seeing him on Expert for a bit…

Thanks for going around! 🌷


Nice job yesterday i saw someone land with another aircraft still rolling

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…which is another topic, but nice picture.

Yeah that looked like a near miss

Hope we had a nice ghost there :)

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That song is hilarious 😂


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