My first global flight (imagination)

I flew Air France 3628 from CDG-JFK. What an splendid flight! image
Group of people on a boating day see the A380 as it lifts off of Charles De Gualle international airport.
Some guy driving home at midnight because of a bad day at work spots the Air France A380 as it lands at New York JFK.


Not real right?

Just took off from CDG, ended flight and landed at JFK.

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it says not actually global in the title

I changed it. It did not have that before @CptNathanHope’s comment.

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You can’t beat a bit of role play


oh ok what was it before

It didn’t have the (Not actually global)

Except with real play.

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I removed my comment to prevent further confusion. ;)

If you landed on 13L, there actually is a highway there that goes into the airport :)

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I might have just landed on 13L

Nice photos!

I like your imagination!

Not my idea. Someone did LHR-LAX the same way months ago

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