My First Global Flight! How was yours?

Hi everyone! I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss my first global flight and thank the Developers for their amazing work.

I originally wanted to do a KLAX-YSSY Flight (I commented on the “Where will you fly?” post stating this. But I changed my mind recently. I decided to start at my new favorite airport - Washington Dulles, and do a Transatlantic 6.5/7 hour flight to London Heathrow as United Airlines Flight 918 (Boeing 777-200ER).

I actually had two attempts of this flight. Yesterday when the update came out, as you know, most of the servers weren’t letting people join due to the crowding and the data. But last night I was able to get on and start the flight. But I had to go to bed. I thought I could leave my iPhone on all night and wake up and land, but since I was already flying for 2 hours and by the time I would land it would be 2 AM in real life, I had to pause the game. I hoped it would save, and it didn’t. So I restarted today after school at 4 PM, and just landed a few minutes ago.

Let me begin by saying, WOW. I have never been so blown away by a game. The graphics are amazing, the concepts of engine starting and fuel, and NAV Mode were amazing. But one of the unique things that I enjoyed the most was the time changes. I thought we would have the usual “set time” option, but now that the game keeps track of a specific time you set it to, AND keeps track of the TIME ZONE the plane is in just blew me away.

I was happy that I had a few planes flying to Heathrow from New York and other places that stayed beside me the entire journey across the Atlantic. I actually left my phone at home when I went out to a tap class, and came back and saw the plane had made a decent amount of progress after I left it. And the beautiful sunrise during the descent into London, as well as the dark reflections of the ocean below were also amazing.

There are so many amazing things that I absolutely love about this update that I can’t fit it in even 10 different posts. Thank you development team for this amazing global update.

Here is what you have all been waiting for, the pictures ;)

Thank you for reading. Make sure to comment your first global flight experience below and share your favorite part of this amazing update. Thank you, and happy flying IFC!

Yesterday’s attempt, when the update first blew me away:

Today’s attempt - climbing into the sunset:

Today’s attempt - preparing for descent over Ireland/England:

I think you could talk about your flight on here…


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