My First GA experience Milford Sound

My first flight on a General aviation aircraft was in the beautiful Milford Sound (I was passenger). It was a while ago but found some great photos so i thought i would share my experiences. Also thought it would be cool because the airport has been edited for global and would be great for GA in global.

Milford Sound Airport(checked is in global with correct layout)

Milford Sounds location relative to Queenstown

31 pm
Some photo’s from the ground

Flying Close to mountains



I think a great flight for global would be Queenstown - Milford Sound :)

Please do not use photos without permission


Stunning part of the world! What was the purpose of the flight? Are you learning?

Just looked it up and some scenes of Lord of the Rings were filmed at Lake Wakatipu

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Very nice! Scenery also very nice there!

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Great, wow! Love NZ. I have family there

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Beautiful scenery nice clicks @Matthew_Harrison

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Yes I’ve flown this route a few times (as a passenger). Incredible views and so close to the mountains you feel like you can touch them. I also recall having to push the plane into a parking space upon landing

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Going to New Zealand in November, my mom refuses to not see the Milford sound. What company did this flight?

Beautiful pictures too! Definitely a time of your life.

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Forgot name of company but there is a quite a few i think. It was fun :) lucky to be going back to Queenstown soon.

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Not yet but plan to soon :)

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Cool! I will definitely check this out.

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Incredible view! I’m definitely adding this to my Global flight list:-D

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