My First Fully Short Final

G’day all, today I thought I would try something different. I decided to do a short final on solo in the Infinite Flight Airbus A318 as I have never done a short final before, besides the option in menu.

I was on solo at noon in the Airbus A318.

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Could you describe the story behind it a bit more? I’m just interested in all your stories :)

However, picture is well made!👌


Well the full back story is I’m trying to learn to fly without AP and try new things. So I thought why not try a short final at Heathrow. Also this is part of my goal to fly every aircraft and livery in IF and take a picture.


Awesome catch mate!

Also, we always do a short final upon landing, how can this be your first time?

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No as in a turn and land but thanks mate.

Oh, I see mate.

And you’re welcome

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Ah great! I have been trying to master the A320 since it has a live cockpit. I strive to be independent of the HUD and get some perfect landings out of it. It’s not easy honestly.


Yeah I find the A320 series very aerodynamic.

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I love flying the BBJ and 318 as a private jet. I find that the 737 is the best for hand-flying.

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I find the look of the ACJs better than the BBJs

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Yeah for sure, I only like the BBJs when they’re long.

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Well the 747-8 BBJ can solve that.

I lined up over the runway while landing yesterday cuz hurrcian dorian (CYYT)

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