My first FNF


This is exciting! My first FNF.

I flew a lot of times, so unsure from where exactly these screenshots are, but they’re from Southern Asia. The airport pictures were in WSSS. I flew in Expert.

Holding short, WSSS runway 20R:

Please comment on which of the pictures was Your favourite and what You think I should improve.

Thank You!


I’m glad you enjoyed your first FNF, as always make sure to follow controller instructions and be on your best behavior at the FNF events as controllers have high workloads and are in high stress situations with many aircraft buzzing them at once. Great shots too, I liked the fourth shot the best.

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Unfortunately I cannot participate in high traffic events because my phone cannot handle it and the app just crashes but I used to love to do things like FNF. Enjoy


Well I don’t usually fly in Expert just out of fear of doing something wrong. Surprisingly, after a quick refresh of memory, I remembered all the procedures and surprisingly all went well! I really enjoyed it and was surprised on how relatively easy everything was. I was even instructed some commands I did not know, like hold pattern over an airport until traffic clears up, but as I realised, I shouldn’t be scared or anxious flying in Expert.

You really should not be intimidated by the Expert Server or the IFATC team at all, if you need a refresh on procedures, #tutorials and #tutorials:flight is the place the to start.

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Hope you enjoyed your first FNF. I know I did! If this was on the training server and you took off/landed within 0737Z I may have been your atc! Have fun with future community events and make sure to follow air traffic control instructions carefully!

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Nice pics! I hope you enjoyed the FNF! 😀

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