My first FNF! Tampa to Fort Lauderdale

1) Background to the photos
Today was my second day on the expert server, and the FNF looked really fun, so I decided to do a little hop between Tampa and Fort Lauderdale.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Aircraft: Airbus A320
Flight time: 0:57hrs
3) Photos


Great shots! Make sure to have your settings at max for best quality!

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Agree with you @Tsumia, anyways, great photos

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Ok, I’ll try.

Congrats on your first FNF! They are pretty fun. Nice shots.

I remember my first FNF - It’s sooo fun isn’t it!!! 🤩🤩

Thank you!

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Yes, it sure was fun.

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Congrats on your first FNF on expert! I sure remember mine!

Thanks! What was yours?

Mine was this one!

Oh nice! You must had a lot of fun.