My First FNF | EGLL - KMCO

1) Background to the photos
This was my first FNF of my career. Overall I had a great time. I was scared out of my mind of being reported because at events like these I don’t think ATC puts up with following instructions incorrectly.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
Route: EGLL - KMCO
Airplane: A359
Server: Expert Server
3) Photos
V1, Rotate:

During Cruise over the Atlantic:

Above NYC:

Beginning Descent East of Florida:

On Final:

Go around:


At Gate:

I know this is off topic but what do you announce to approach if tower initiates a go around and hands you off?


Nice shots! To answer your question at the bottom that you blurred, you’d say “executing missed approach” and the controller will take it from there and give you a vector and altitude assignment.

Also be sure to have 10 pics at most as you have 11 in your topic. Enjoy the FNF! :)


You can’t go wrong with the A350, can you? Thanks for sharing these cool pictures!


great photos! love the fedex md-11f realism 100

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Awesome pictures! Glad to see you had a good flight for your first FNF.

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I can understand being intimidated by the expert server. But we are all here to have fun and learn. No matter what happens it will be a learning and growing experience. Great shots!

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Great shots, A350 is an amazing craft

Also try and limit your posts to 10 pictures next time. C;

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Very good! Maginific work!

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