My first flyout

Hey, where do you guys think I should to my first flyout. I will make a poll when I have enough options.


How bout Austin?

I tried that, but there was no intrest

I’ll put it in the poll, though

Anyone else

Somewhere in Australia 😛🇦🇺

Boston would be nice!

ok, I’ll add them to the poll

@Josh how about sydney

How about an African airport, like Cairo, or Addis Ababa? I feel events centered around African airports are far and few between. It does get repetitive seeing flyouts from the same popular airports over and over.

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Cario, Addis Ababa and Capetown will be added

Vienna or Prague

Milan Malpensa ;)

My vote would be Auckland or Sydney.

I vote KIAD

I would say it should be an airport of your choice, as it is up to you on what to select.
Anyway I would vote for SAN if that was an option :)

ok, I’ll add them and then make the poll

  • Houston
  • Milan
  • San Antonio
  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Sydney
  • Cario
  • Addis Ababa
  • Capetown
  • Vienna
  • Prague

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Dawg you forgot Grand Rapids! Just kidding it’s not a very good place for an event.

How about a low demand airport with lots of space. Like KONT

poll is already made, after this i’ll do another one for my next event

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