My First Flight With This Airline... I bet You Can’t Guess Which!

Ok, so, today, I completed my first flight with one of my favourite airlines. But, can you guess which? British Airways? No. American Airlines? No. Kenya Airways? No. Yakutia? Nope. It was… Alpaca Airways 🦙. Yep, Alpaca, like a llama, but not a lama, an alpaca. Have you heard of them? No? I thought as such! Let me know if you are a fellow alpaca. PM me if you would like to find out more about them. Anyway, Alpaca Airways’s slogan: If it’s not butter, go around until the engines splutter! So, that’s what I did on this flight from Gatwick to Innsbruck.

Aircraft: B737-800
Livery: generic
Time: departed 1300Z today


Although Alpaca Airways could be seen as a VA in other sims, it is not approved by the IFVARB. Therefore, this is not in anyway, shape, or form, an advertisement or promotion, and it should not be seen as such. This is just to show my pictures from the flight.


I mean hey, the slogan saves on maintenance costs… kinda… Less landing gear, tires, etc. to replace.

But for fuel…