My first flight with the brand new a380 in INFINITE FLIGHT’s fleet (story)

First off a just want to say that I know Infinite flight does not have any airline. But today I wanted to do something different, I wanted to make a fictional story of a passenger going on Infinite flight airlines new a380.
*Infinite flight team I made this for you hope you like it. 😊

AIRCRAFT: A380-800
TIME: 53 min

Today I’m going to Infinite flight airways brand new a380. Here’s our aircraft for today, G-ain’t a 1 month old a380 sporting the newest Infinite flight livery I which thinks looks very cool. This aircraft is just one of 6 a380s in Infinite flight airways fleet, and today I’m going in very fresh new business class cabin. Today is a short flight, but it will sit be fun to fly on this beautiful aircraft!

Here is our seat for today, seat 120a in the top deck at the front, right next to the stairs. The view from the window is also great, I’m mean just look at those engines!

As we pushed back and then taxied to our runway (25r) you can just feel the power of those engines and sound of them are just awesome!

Around 15mins after takeoff they started to hand out meals so it was time to check out the menu. After looking I order some steak & gravy and some blue bell ice cream because why not 😁

Soon after that I know it was a short flight but I decide to check out the bathroom which had a SHOWER!!! Which is just insane! And the view from the windows where just great

Soon after I check out the inflight entreatment which be the way had a great selection of movies and shows! And soon before I know it we had begun our designed into San Francisco!

And soon after we had made our landing which was pretty smooth 🧈

As we taxied backed to our gate I would give this flight a 5 star review, Thank you Infinite flight airways, hope to see you soon!

What aircraft should I do next? (With IF livery)
  • Md-11
  • 737-700
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ok this is really cool you mind if I do something like this as well

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Hey go ahead, and make your own!

This is a tip for everyone that starts to get bored when doing IF.
When you are doing a flight try to make a story when doing the flight about an airline review video or a family going on vacation or something like that.

Nice story! def do the MD-11, and maybe the 717, if you dare!

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Md-11 (infinite flight retro) confirmed!
The story may come out soon, so stay tuned!

And I may do a very funny one but with spirit airlines 😈