My First Flight with Qatar Virtual!

So it’s been three weeks since I posted screenshots on IFC which is quite a while and this one is a special occasion.

This week I recently decided to join my very first non European VA, @QatarAirwaysVirtual and I couldn’t be any happier with my decision!! 🤩

Here at QRV, we got ranks and only higher ranks can operate all the widebodies in our fleet, so because I just started, I am starting off with the little Airbus A319.

In real life, Qatar Airways sends their Airbus A319-133LR mostly to Nice in France, Yangon in Myanmar, Zanzibar in Tanzania and sometimes to Georgia, Armenia, Iraq, Oman and Ethiopia. Qatar Airways only owns 2 Airbus A319-133LR in their whole fleet!

Flight Details

Departure: Doha, Qatar 🇶🇦 | Hamad International Airport - OTHH
Arrival: Nice, France 🇫🇷 | Nice Côte d’Azur Airport - LFMN
Flight Number: QR53 | Callsign: QRV442
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Flight Time: 6 hours & 58 minutes
Cruise Alt: 34,000ft & 38,000ft
Server: Expert

Note: All the times displayed in the pictures are local, which is the reason some of them may be similar.

Took off in the morning from extremely hot Doha with a very heavy load.

Some more views of the city.

Always get these sort of views when flying over Iran and they never disappoint!
Love flying in this part of the world.

When flying over Iran, a Qatari A350 is flying on the same airway 3,000ft above me.

Istanbul is massive! It was hard to get it all of it in one picture.

After passing Istanbul, we continue flying over Greece, then onto Albania and the coast of Italy is visible in the distance.

After crossing Albania and the east coast of Italy, we turn slightly right and begin flying right along the west coast of Italy and got views of cities such as Naples and Rome.

After battling headwinds, to end this amazing long flight, the landing was just 👌. This was the smoothest landing I’ve done in a long time with a rate of -47FPM

When I parked at my gate, I was surprised to see those quite big mountains right in front of me!

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed!

Which picture do you like the most?

  • Pic 1 - Departure from DOH
  • Pic 2 - Views of Doha
  • Pic 3 - Views of mountains in Iran
  • Pic 4 - Qatari A350 passing 3,000ft above
  • Pic 5 - Views of Istanbul
  • Pic 6 - Views of mountains in Albania
  • Pic 7 - Views of Rome
  • Pic 8 - Landing in NCE
  • Pic 9 - Parked at NCE

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I didn’t know that a320s went that far, what was the flight time? I love the pictures tho


It is an A319

Really lovely photos


Flight time is written in the Flight Details at the beginning! 👍


my bad lol

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Amazing photos! QVA is lucky to have you

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Thanks so much for all your nice comments!

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These are absolutely amazing! I really like the one with the A350 passing!

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@NoahM, you’ve got competition :)

Awesome pictures @Igor_M! They look realistic & detailed!

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Haha I wouldn’t go that far 😂 @ran
I appreciate all your positive comments people!


Amazing view of my country. Great pics and i hoped you enjoyed the unique Mediterranean scenery

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Totally agree. Loved flying over this amazing scenery and it was something different for sure!
You won’t get this Mediterranean scenery if you’re flying let’s say OTHH to EGLL because this route takes you over northern Europe.

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Those are some beautiful pictures Igor! We are glad to have you apart of our family.


Qatar Airways Virtual

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Thank you so much and I’m glad to be part of your family!

Lovley mountains in Albania!


wow beautiful edits keep at it!!! :)

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Thank you @DatAviation_340YT and @Jster82x !

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Great looking photos there, that seems like a cool flight as well. Hope you have fun at Qatar VA!

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Yup, HUGE mountains in nice!!😂😂


Aw amazing! Love the pictures

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