My first flight with Global Airtours | The Capital of Texas to the Capital of Mexico

Austin to Mexico City | 🇺🇸 - 🇲🇽

Hello everyone! So I recently joined Global Airtours, @Thunderbolt’s amazing VA, and today I flew my first flight for them! Enjoy!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: 737-700BBJ
Route: Austin (KAUS) - Mexico City (MMMX)
Flight Time: 2 hours and 10 minutes

Putting the gear up as I depart Austin, my home city!

Approaching mountains north of Mexico City.

More mountains!

Mexico City, the biggest in North America.

Incredible scenery, Mexico is underrated!

Turning onto final with the airport in the distance.

Lots of aircraft on the ground, including a KLM 747 😢.

An Aeromexico 737 slows down next to us.

Which one was your favorite?

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Thanks for looking and feedback is much appreciated!


There is something I truly love in this livery. Great screenshots dude!


Thank you very much! I really like that livery too

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Glad to see you part of GAT. Can’t wait to fly with you Friday


Very nice shots! I have a question would this be a Virtual Organization.


I’m glad to be a part of it too and I’m excited to fly together!

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Thank you very much! I believe we are a VA not a VO, but I could be wrong


We are a Virtual Airline.

Great photos @snoman! Great to see you flying GAT colors as well as using my favorite 737 BBJ livery!


Thanks! It’s my favorite 737BBJ livery too, and the fact that it matches our colors is an awesome bonus!

Woohoo!! What a great first flight! We’re so lucky to have you with us @snoman! Also, very nice pictures.

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Yay a fellow GAT member!!

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Thanks for stopping by and looking @anon89274317 and @KGJT-9149!

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