My First Flight with Fellow Woman Pilots

Hello IFC, Today is an exciting day for me because I’m flying for the first time with a fellow Woman Pilot here, I’m flying with @InFlightMexicoGirl We fly from Stockholm (ESSA) - Doha (OTHH). We hope to find more women here, check out our awesome screenshots!

Flight: Qatar Airways QR172
Dest: Stockholm (ESSA) - Doha (OTHH)
Fleet: Boeing 787-8 Qatar Airways
My Callsign: Lion 027VA
Sofia’s Callsign: N1SV

I hope to meet all of you in the air! Don’t hesitate to say hello when you meet! Happy flying all 😍😋


There are a lot of woman in “Aviation” but almost no one in “Simulation”…

Excellent flight of girls! I’m glad you’re very happy! @Humai-Girl

@RayPilot12 Since you like Qatar Airways , here you are bro.

Beautiful shots !
I hope next one will be with their A359 ^^

Nice photos!

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