My First Flight with ANVA RJCC - RJBB

Today, I completed my first flight with ANVA as a Cadet, from New Chitose to Kansai Intl’

Server: Expert
Aircraft: A321-200
Airline: All Nippon
Duration: 1hr 36min
Route: RJCC - RJBB
Altitude: 30,000ft
Mach: 0.78

Parked at the Gate in Sapporo

Taking off Sapporo

Cruising over busy Japanese Airspace

Descending over Osaka with Itami in the background

Short Final at Osaka

Not a butter landing, but pretty good

Unloading Passengers and Cargo at Kansai

Thanks for viewing these photos! Today I also spotted @Guilherme_Carvalho @IFJ_PinkPanther_JPN and @Humberto around Japan! @ANAVirtualGroup


Nice screenshots ! Japan is beautiful from the air !


I like the shots!!

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Nice shots

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Happy to see you enjoying our routes Canton! Wishing you well :).

-@Adventures [Data Manager]


Thanks ANA!