My First Flight With Air India

Hello there IFC.
I’m new to everything so this is my first ever post in screenshots and videos.

I’ve recently done a solo flight
-YMML departure
-VIDP arrival

Here are some photos.

Screenshot of the 787-8 parked at Gate, Melbourne Airport YMML.

Screenshot of Air India Ready for takeoff.

Beautiful sunrise over Mount Gibson, Australia.

Mid flight photo, forgot where it is.

Short final at Indira Gandhi Int Airport.

Taxiing to gate at Indira Gandhi Int.

Parked at gate. We arrived at our destination.

The full flight was ETE 12h50min.

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Nice photos and welcome to the community!

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Thanks so much! Will post more in the future :)

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Welcome to the community! For your first time the photos are pretty good

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Thanks! Will improve in the next one!

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Great shots for your first time taking pictures! And welcome to the community and the game!

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Thanks!! :)

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Great pictures! You did well for your first time :) and welcome to the community!

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Thanks :) will make better shots next time!