My first flight with a B77W i did a few months ago!

This flight i did a while ago was one of my most important, testing the new 777. This flight was a nice one, and odd one with the airline, i love the AC livery on the 77W so I could wait to try it out.
This was done a few months ago so i forgot lots of the details

Flight info: Route: KLAX - KSFO | cruising alt: 30,000 ft | cruising speed: Mach 0.84 | flight time: (forgot)


Parked at the main terminal at LAX with a few other planes next to me

Lining up on runway 7L!

Lift off!

A nice shot of L.A.

Testing the gear at 30,000 ft (yes this was intentional)

Lining up on approach at Runway 28L at SFO!

Not much to say here… just a nice screenshot!

Touch down!

What a nice way to end a flight, facing off with a UNITED 787!

Remember, this is a flight i did a while ago, I’ve done plenty of flights with the 77W at this point


These are some nice shots!

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Thank you!

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Nice Shots 🙌🏼

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Thanks! Happy you liked them

Very nice!

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Thank you!

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very nice shots!

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Happy you liked them!


Other than that, very cool photos @Alaska_298_super_YT!

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That was intended, but thanks!

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