My first flight to Europe

Today,05/06/2021 marks the day when I flew from Singapore to Munich. This is the first time I flew to Europe and I would like to share some screenshots of the flight.

Flight details
Singapore Airlines
Airbus A350-900
Flight time:11hr53min
Training Server

Here are some screenshots that I’ve taken and I will include captions:

1.Pushback out of the gate at Singapore Changi Airport

2.Goodbye Singapore, see you tomorrow!(Takeoff at 1:18am SGT)

3.Reached cruise altitude(1:27am SGT)

Fast forwarding to 11 hours later…

4.We are now cruising above Europe

5.A few minutes later, we are now descending

6.Good morning Europe! We are now below 10,000ft

7.On final to Munich

8.We have landed!

9.After an uneventful taxi to the gate, we have completed my first flight to Europe!

This is only the beginning. I do plan to fly to more places in Europe and plan to fly to the US in the near future.


Love the shots!!

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Cool to see you chose to fly to my home town first :D


When I was planning I was like “Wouldn’t it be nice for Munich to be the first destination” and I went with that idea.

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Welcome to Munich! Lovely pictures and great to see the alps included, which are one of the most stunning areas in Europe in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!


Great pics! I like that livery on the a350

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I still remember how the first aircraft that I picked after getting the subscription is this A350…
and now my longest flight is also being flown by this exact plane :D

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Wow you reached cruising altitude in 9 minutes? I’m worried for your passengers…. Nice photos anyway!

No worries they’re all good