My first flight pics from SBRF TO SCEL expert server

Today it was a pretty good weather from SBRF to SCEL , so during the flight took alot of pics.
So they are as followed

1.At gate at SBRF

2.At runway 18 at SBRF

3.Booming out of SBRF

4.On approach to SCEL final left turn to line up for localiser

5.Approaching Minimums

6.A fine landing

7.To the gate mate


Nice Pics but please put this in #screenshots-and-videos category and only 10 photos are allowed.


To go along with what @Capt.SkyWalker said, this is also in the #general category not in the #screenshots-and-videos one.

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Oh okay will take care actually it’s my first time posting something ♥️🤗

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It’s ok. we learn something new everyday :-)

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Agreed 100%

Take 2 pictures out, and it won’t get closed. Just 2.

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Done bro♥️🤗 thanks for the tip

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