My first flight on the A330

The A330 rework was amazing, so I did a long haul route on the Aer Lingus one. It was a really great flight and I took some pictures of it.
I hope you enjoy them!


Aircraft: A330-300
Flight time: 11:01
Route: EIDW-KLAX (EI69)
Server: Expert

Parked at a busy Dublin AirportThere were actually more planes that didn’t show up

Finally took off after being on the ground for 21 mins

I’ll skip the part over the Atlantic since there wasn’t much to see.
Cruising over Colorado Springs

Ready to start our descent over Grand Canyon National Park

Now descending over Ontario

Kind of a parallel landing with a generic A330

Buttering as another Aer Lingus A330 taxis to the runway


Arrived at the gate


It’s a very awesome!

Of course it is!

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