My First flight On CRJ (Garuda Indonesia CRJ1000)

Hi guys,so i just got off from my first CRJ flight from banjarmasin to balikpapan,

Banjarmasin syamsudin noor airport was dated,luckily i have already checked in via garuda indonesia mobile app but for safe measure, i printed it…

So my ride was PK-GRH, A 5.5 year old Bombardier CRJ 1000

The legroom was decent

My first impression of the CRJ was actually bigger than i thought,i’ve flown with wings air ATR72 and it was tight

For this 40 minute flight garuda serves us a muffin,a curry puff and a bottle of water which is fantastic for a 40 minute flight…

Some view along the way…

We arrived on time at sepinggan airport. Sepinggan airport was decent and it was very modern…

Garuda is probably the best airline in indonesia for regional routes the legroom was decent and the snack was decent, the price its a bit expensive though…

P.S i will add the pict if i had a good internet connection…


Very nice! I hope you enjoyed your flight. I hope to fly with the CRJ sometime!


What’s a curry puff?

When I enlisted in the Military, the Army booked me on a CRJ with Air Canada Jazz, between the CRJ and the Q400 I think they both fit as the “Nope hate flying” aircraft list lol

I enjoyed my first flight on a CRJ… it feels like a private jet, other than a few bumps to my head, i really do enjoyed it…

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Its bread that filled with chicken that tasted like curry…

I wish i can fly on the Q400, bombardier and embraer itself is quite rare in SE asia, so i wish i can fly with Both erj and crj 700/900

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Sounds really nice :)

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I take one from Seattle to either Vancouver Canada or to Idaho lol hate it all the time

Yup,garuda is very generous in terms of meal, two days ago when i flew from jakarta to banjarmasin which is a 1 hour and 30 minutes flight, i got a omelette,grilled sausage,baked potato and a fruit platter…

Nice review! I’d love to fly a CRJ sometime but unfortunately I’m stuck with A320s and 737s.

Looks fun flight!

Anyways, GIA is also had a route From/To WAAA-WAHH, WALL-WAHH (or Vice versa) , using their CRJ-1000

Although im never have onboard

Its not a fun flight for tall people like me… i’ve bumped my head to the celling twice:). I think you need to get on board the crj because i heard rumours that garuda will replace their crj with cs300 or Airbus A220

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Wow ur so lucky! Ive always wanted to fly on Garudas CRJ. The closest ive ever gotten was at yogyakarta when i walked past PK-GRR… I just recently flew on Wings Air’s ATR from HLP to BDO and it wasnt that cramped because i was in the exit row seat lol

Yup, i felt really lucky because garuda want to buy the new A220 and there are only 18 crj’s on se asia…, wings air atr for me its very crampy because i hit my head three times to the celling and i even cannot move my legs on board that wings air atr 72… thanks for reading my trip report…

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