My first flight of 2021 - San Salvador to Miami

Since I finally wasn’t busy today I decided to do a flight from San Salvador to Miami with Aviancas A320. Call sign was Taca 310. None of these photos are edited. Enjoy

  1. Departure

  1. Just a few minutes after departure I’m passing by Volcan de San Salvador which is a volcano

  1. Another picture of it

  1. Honduras 🇭🇳

  1. Cuba 🇨🇺

  1. Starting the descent over the Florida keys

  1. The Everglades

  1. Touchdown

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Stunning scenery!

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I couldn’t agree more! Such a great scenery, beginning with the cool mountain in San Salvador and continuing with all the other fantastic colours and sights in the route.
Very nice pictures, thanks for sharing!


Nice shot I really like the 2nd and the last one

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Wow! Your a really good pilot! I wish I could fly as good as that 😞

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