From before the lesson: Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great Thursday!

In about 14 hours from now, I will be taking my first flight lesson ever!!! I am super exited!! I will be flying a piper warrior and those planes look absolutely stunning!

If anyone reading this has taken a flight lesson, feel free to tell me about your experience, or what to expect.

Have a great rest of your day everyone!

From after the lesson:
Wow! There are hardly any words to describe that experience!!! It was amazing!!! Feeling the inputs/outputs of the plane was so surreal and it was beyond amazing! One of the biggest challenges was talking to atc since you actually have to say everything instead of Infinite flight where you click a button and it says the stuff for you.

I’m super happy because I was able to land on my own! We called inbound for a touch and go since I asked my instructor if I can see him do it first and then I’ll do it on the second landing. On the landing I did level out a little to early and hit the ground kinda hard but we made it! And I’m very proud of myself! I would never trade that experience for anything! Looking forward to taking more lessons and possibly hopefully pursuing a career in aviation!!!


Don’t grip the stick too hard. Flying should just be easy movements given you trim it up a little.

Good luck and blue skies!


Congrats on starting your flying career! My first flight lesson was over 2 years ago and all I can say is enjoy!

The first flight lesson is basically getting you comfortable in the air. You’ll practice the walk around, get a feel for the controls, and enjoy the sights. While you have to learn as a student pilot and as much fun as flying can be, don’t get distracted that you have to focus on the task at hand. I often found myself just enjoying flying so much that I didn’t focus on the details.

But you first lesson isn’t about details, more just what to expect! Enjoy the flight, let us know how it goes!


Hey! Well first off, congrats.
It’s been a while since my first flight lesson, but I must say, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. The most important thing to remember is that you won’t get everything on your first try. It took me 10 months to get my certificate. Take every day you get to fly as a blessing and enjoy it!
You’ll look back at the times you give your instructor a heart attack, or you’ll always remember the phrase, “Right Rudder!”
Just enjoy it!


Congratulations 🥳 wish you the best

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I’m gonna try to do one hand stick one hand throttle but we’ll see how it goes in the moment 🤣


Thanks so much!!


My Aunt is buying me this lesson as a gift so it will be that much more meaningful!!


Thank you!!!

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Congrats man!

Im not really in the position to give advice, but I will say that I hope it’s spectacular. Good luck on your first step to becoming a pilot!

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Thanks! I remember you from my first event in Infinite Flight!! Nice to see you again!

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Nice to see you again as well, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

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Yup, almost a year!

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Congratulations for your first lesson! My first flight was in a PA-28 (only time I ever flew it since I didn’t need 4 seats after that).

As many others have mentioned, the 'death grip is something to definitely not do, using one hand (left is best) on the yoke that is enough so you can put pressure on the aircraft to change your direction of travel.

If you’re familiar with the standard instruments on the aircraft, don’t stare and rely on the instruments since they aren’t immediate like in a simulator. Your instructor should guide on on where to look when you have control. In the meantime when you’re not in control, enjoy the views of the area you are flying in!


Thanks! I’m actually really curious to see how it does/doesn’t relate to a simulator. I’d say the biggest difference I’m expecting is from the FPM during a descent because in a simulator you can’t really feel the drop but in real life I’m sure it’s much more intense.

The feeling of going down isn’t really intense or anything. The time you’ll start being pushed around in your seat would be a a little later in the training with more advanced turning.

Controlling an aircraft when you have got the right trim is a lot more easier than expected.

When you have got a lot of time in a simulator, it definitely helps, and from the start I was comfortable with flying. There are some obvious things that you get form the sim, such as expecting the instruments to be precise to each second, having both hands on the yoke, not paying attention to your full surroundings etc… You very quickly come over this and get used to it.

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Thanks for the info!!

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Btw, does anyone know what the percentage of likelihood I’ll be able to land the plane with the instructors help?

Also does not being able to hear the engine as a result of the sound-proof headsets throw you off during approach?

The first lesson almost certainly not. You’ll get hands on once you’re in the sky and at a level cruise.

For me I started doing take off and landings on me second and fourth lesson (because the sim has massively helped my aim and knowledge on flying the aircraft). The first few lessons are to just get you used the the controls at the simplest times before expanding out the more advanced things.

No. You’ll still hear the engine for sure, just when you have the headset off it is extremely loud and you have to shout to communicate to one another. The headset does reduces the noise to a much more comfortable level.

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