My First Flight...In A Simulator!

Yeah, and on helicopters that will make you happy. Working for the a pilot on the police helicopters for the Victoria Police would be awesome!

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Well done! I hope that you enjoyed yourself. I was planning to go to a 737 or A320 sim next year!

Thank-you! It was certainly awesome! Since coming back from the sim, I’m addicted to the 737 in IF even more! 🤣


I’m the opposite I like the A319/20/21

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Which place did you go to? I’m Melbournian as well and really want to do this…

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I imagine it was extremely expensive. Time in those sims usually costs a lot, up to like 60-100 dollars per hour

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I went to the QV Center in the city, near Big W, to a place called Flight Experience! Nice and friendly staff and instructors! Would certainly recommend.

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I got it as a gift for Christmas,but I can imagine how expensive this is! I’ve looked at it before! Well worth it though!

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The Cambridge one is like way overpriced, because there aren’t many sims in London (£285 per hour)😕

Oh yes I’ve seen that one. Thanks!

No worries! Have a good day!

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