My first flight! ( HELP!)

So yesterday, I did my first ever flight from EKCH ( Copenhagen ) - EGLL ( London ) Everything went fine, I made my flight plan, I took off and then I was airborne - the problem started to come when I was going to land, I tried to turn on my APP but It wouldn’t does anyone knows why?
And yeah I crashed 😅

and a second question is that - when I turn on my Autopilot why do I have to turn on ALT by myself, I thought that it was the Autopilot who will do it?

Have a blessed day.


I’ll answer this question first. Are you referring to automated climb and descents? If so - VNAV (or basically automated climb/descent) is currently only available for descent. You have to manually change the altitude during climb at the moment.

Were you landing with an ILS? - if so you need to tune to the ILS frequency to have APPR available. You can do this by clicking on the airport icon - going to RWYS, clicking on the runway with the ILS that you want (if its available) and pressing “SET NAV 1” then when the time comes you can engage APPR mode (bearing in mind APPR is only available on certain aircraft).

Hope this answers everything. Any concerns feel free to ask.

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To add on, I’ve linked a few tutorials in relation to Autopilot and various other systems which should hopefully help you out a little more.

I’ll start with the avionics panel, this is the one you’ll use for things to do with the ILS and VOR’s.

Following that, here’s one on your descent, as well as approach.

(Thanks to the wonderful @DeerCrusher who set up these great resources!)

Hope I’ve managed to help you out a little. Remember: it’s a lot of learning and practise, but it pays off!

Have fun in your future flying!

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I’m over 61,888xp and I didn’t know I could do all of that!!! I even flew expert for a while and I know what head 22 means……heading 220 if I did make a mistake then it’s 2200.

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Check out this tutorial about APPR:

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ATC would either tell you to turn 220 or 20 on the heading. We can’t tell you to turn 2200 or 22 if I’m reading what you said correctly. It would be 220 or 020. In the case of 20, on the heading indicator that would be 020. The Autopilot tutorial (linked already) above can give you more guidance.

Quick tip is always to remember, heading 020 means your aircraft should be pointing northwest & heading 220 your aircraft should be pointing southwest. Both headings are completely opposite of one another.

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When arming APPR, you must have the following:

  1. A flight plan approach to capture GS
  2. VNAV activated prior to activation
  3. Green diamond should be at the horizon line in the top right of your HUD to fully capture it
  4. The selected airport must actually have a GS to catch

If all of these are completed and it still acts this way, I’ve never experienced the issue. Any questions? Please refer to Instrument Landing System (ILS) Approach | Infinite Flight

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Hi. I had similar problems getting started, even though I’m quite used to PC simulators and so on.

There’s nothing wrong with the tutorials and user guides, but I had wondered about writing a “First Flight for the complete beginner” tutorial.

The idea would be it’s the bare minimum for getting from A to B (probably Amsterdam to Rotterdam) on Solo in an A321 with the minimum of user input to make the flight work.

Once that first flight is established, however basic it is, it could then be used to scaffold everything else ; taxiing, parking, landing, lights, patterns, free flight, climb and descent, ATC a bit at a time. Could even do it as a mini curriculum, a sequence of skills to add in on following flights.

What do people think ?

After you’ve filled your flight plan and take off , click on NAV found at the right of the Screen and make sure it’s set to GPS as shown in Picture number #1

Pic #1

Then you get closer your destination airport open your map click on your destination airport then click RWYS (see pic #2) click on the runway you want to land on then select set NAV 1 at the bottom right corner as shown in picture number #3



Last thing when you reach at the location in the pic #4 you are gonna click on NAV again and change source from GPS to NAV 1 then go to AP under NAV and turn on APPR then you are good to go !


Hope this helps and if you still have any other issues you can ask me anytime! Happy flying ! @Ahmaaddh

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