My first flight back in over a month

Hello IFC, today I purchased a subscription again. I wasn’t able to have a subscription over the past month and a bit because of school and other things. So this is my first flight in over a month and it was a good one. Enjoy!

The majestic Omni Air International 777 parked at the gate in Shannon.

With the Pratt and Whitney engines fired up, it’s time to taxi to the runway

Banking left on departure, this was @Kuba_Jaroszczyk view

Before long it was time to start our approach into Eindhoven

On the way to go spotting, @Rian_OShea got this photo of the aircraft with a bit of condensation on the belly

With Eindhoven’s short runway, you have to put her down early and brake hard, this was @Marc_Gallagher s view as we slam on the brakes on a very dull day with rain pushing in

Parked on stand, @Rian_OShea managed to get to the airport. He got this picture just as the rain came across the airfield

None of the features in these photos are photoshopped, I just used different editing techniques.

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed the flight.

Thanks for taking a look
More to follow soon…


Your third picture is amazing @EICK!

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I hope he managed to get into the airport 😬

Lol jokes aside amazing shots and welcome back!

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Nice shots!

Nice story as well only I was on descent into Heathrow when I was “spotting” hahahah

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that head on view is so nice, good job on the filtering

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I never expected this tag, and I am very happy to see this route recreated. Nice pics @EICK 👍

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Awesome shots! Welcome back

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