My first flight as an Unaccompanied Minor!

Hello everyone!

I recently got to have my first flight as an unaccompanied minor from Portland to Bozeman via Seattle on Alaska Airlines. It was a lot of fun!

My flight took off at 9:00am from PDX and was on a 21 year old 737-700 that was built in 2000 with eye brow windows!

The flight boarded at 8:15. The gate agent let me board whenever I wanted. I decided to get on the plane as soon as boarding began and once I got on the airplane I instantly made friends with all the flight attendants and they gave me two boxes of food and a giant bottle of water.

I was seated in the last row it was the only place I was allowed to sit but that was alright with me as I got to spend more time on the plane and chat with the crew. Once I landed and got off the plane I headed to check my next flight and find a place to eat lunch.

The boarding area was very busy because there was both my flight which was full and there was a full flight to Puerto Vallarta that was boarding in full swing.

Once I had gotten on the my second and final flight I made friends with the crew and had a short time in the window seat before switching to an aisle seat with someone.

It was a very relaxing flight as I listened to some BTS, Super M and Blackpink. (Yes I am a KPop fan) after a nice flight we made the thrilling approach to 30 at BZN on the H30 approach and bounced on the runway and in no time we were at the gate and de boarding.

Overall I loved flying alone and I would recommend it to any avgeek!

Thank you for reading my topic!


That was the first thing I noticed when I looked at your picture, even before reading what you said. lol. Pretty rare to find those these days. Glad you enjoyed your trip and hope you enjoyed some time with family & friends!


Flying on the -700 was definitely a highlight of the trip!

I had a great week with my family and I had a lot of fun! Thanks for asking!

Dang that’s really cool! Especially considering the plane had eyebrows!

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That sounds awesome!

Mine was to/from KMKE (for Airventure) and it was amazing. I had zero problems because, as you would guess (as an avgeek) I know how an airport works inside and out lol.

I even got to handle myself with delAAys and walking outside MKE to Subway a mile away and back in time for my flight.


Awesome! I remember flying through Dallas with my younger brother when I was 14. Let’s just say we(my brother and I) didn’t need the unaccompanied minor tag because I am an avgeek, and I’ve been through DFW so many times that I knew the airport layout like the back of my hand… Its really cool when you “grow up” and have the ability to do more things independently, like for example traveling from point A to Point B… etc


I fly JetBlue a lot I only have flown by myself once to visit my grandma in New York From Sarasota on a 321 NEO


Same, including knowing KDFW (and PANC). And if I don’t know the layout of an airport, I can figure it out.

Flying totally alone is a really cool feeling 😎

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Then in flight training when you actually fly solo, it really feels weird lol…

Back on topic knowing the airport definitely helps for sure!

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I got some Boxed Water on Alaska Air as well, when I was flying back to Seattle, they even let me take the box! I now have Dehydrated Water and Boxed Water!

Boxed water is better, they’re based outta Holland, MI!
Glad you had fun!

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I do agree that boxed water is better!😂

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