My first flight after one year break!

After one year break, this is my first ever flight. Yeah, I went down to grade 1 again 😬. I flied from Tampa (KTPA) in Florida to The Newark Airport in NY (KEWR)

Airline : American Airlines
Aircraft : 777-300ER
Time : 0458Z - 0708Z

Preparing before Takeoff!

Taking off from Tanpa! 🛫

Entering Virginia Airspace

Finally Land at Newark Airport 🛬


It was a nice flight! A little bit of crosswind during takeoff but the overall weather is amazing. I can’t get a lot of scenery during this flight, it’s just flat lands and cities. But it was a nice one for a Short haul flight 😉


You had a really nice flight, but one bit that confused me that (becuse I don’t have infinte flight pro) why you dropped back to grade 1?

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if you haven’t done a specific amount of landings in the past 90 days, your grade level will drop


Ok @MisterSir Thanks now I got it.
It’s just that becuse I don’t have infinte flight pro so I never knew that.

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Btw you did a nice landing just a little late on touch down zone.

Great to see these! I am also returning to the game after about a year!

Nice shots