My First Expert Server Flight

Here are a few screenshots from my first flight in the expert server. (I think the flight was a success since I didn’t get any violations).

Server: Expert
Route: OTHH-OMAA (Doha to Abu Dhabi)
Flight Time: 37 Minutes
Callsign: Qatari 1050
Aircraft: Airbus A321-200

At gate Bravo 2 at Hamad International

Rotate!, Taking off runway 34R

Bye Bye Qatar!

Cruising over the Persian Gulf at FL210

On final runway 13R at OMAA (the green area on the ground underneath the left elevator is the F1 circuit on Yas Island)

Just before landing (the Midfield Terminal can be seen in the background)

A view from the control tower of the plane slowing down on runway 13R

Parked up at Gate 121 Terminal 1

Hope you liked these photos!


Love the photos and congratulations on your first expert server flight!! It opens endless possibilities

Congrats! Welcome to the expert server!

Lovely photos!
Welcome to the expert server friend!

Love the photos! Welcome to the expert server!

welcome to the expert server family!

Thanks everyone for the welcome to the expert server!

were u flying with Southwest airlines 2115

No, I was flying southwest 556 at KSFO a few hours ago though

Welcome to the expert server:)

ok southwest 2115 did doha to dubai and back and an a321 joined so i wondered if it was u

Ok, my first flight was a few days ago

Sorry to spoil the fun but this is not he’s/her first flight in ES😕

This was 14th August.

The southern air 7796 there was me

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But that definitely wasn’t my first flight

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I got a violation on that flight

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Cool screenshots! Welcome to the Expert Server 🛫

Nice, love the rotate shot! Welcome to the Expert Server.

Thanks for the feedback!


Welcome to the expert server! You are gonna love it