My First Experience with JetBlue

This morning, I had my first experience on JetBlue flying from Minneapolis to Boston. It was a great experience (other than the fact that the flight left at 5:00 AM), as the food, drinks, and entertainment were all amazing. I usually fly Delta and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be good, however the legroom was amazing- I’m almost 6 ft tall and I could fully extend my legs! Luckily, the A320 we took had been upgraded to the new seats and entertainment systems and had all of the brand new movies. Photos:
image image image image

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I am flying again with them tonight back to MSP from Boston, however the weather is horrible here in Boston and the flight got delayed 2 hrs. I’ll update this post with the return flight tomorrow as we land at 1 AM now instead of 11 PM.
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Safe travels back. It’s nice to read trip reports with a good experience rather than a tough trip and poor service.


Yes, other than the delay, it was a good experience

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Nice trip, what are your opinions of Boston Logan?

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Never seen a A320 with the new interior, hope you had a good flight :)

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That’s the B6 I know and love.

Happy to hear you had a pleasant experience with them :)


Nice! Lucky to get the new screens, those old smaller-than-IPhone screens are super hard to use and watch anything on…

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I like Boston, I go there so often (usually in Terminal A, but Terminal C is nice too).
Obviously nothing beats MSP though

Nice, if you ever find the time, I would suggest getting your way into terminal B, one side of the terminal is absolutely amazing. You could also find one of the gates where one of the 9/11 flights departed.

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Are you really sure? The aviation gods sent me this in a vision

And then they also said this:


I can get behind that statement…


I am a die hard JetBlue fan though, best airline ever!

(Unfortunately I am probably not going to fly them anymore)


Why is that?

Because we flew them pretty much every year recto go down to Ft. Lauderdale, but they are canceling it as part of there upcoming route changes, so we love them, but not enough to connect through Boston, so SWA it is…

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That’s pretty bumming, I mean still have Southwest and they are not bad

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Ya, we actually did SWA last year (which sucks, since it was the last year we could have done JBL, but we didn’t know) so I like them, but JBL was the best…

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I understand that, if I were to choose economy Delta or JetBlue I would pick JetBlue any day because that’s how good they are :)


Well I mean no bias (lol) but

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Same here- now that I’ve tried it, I’ll try to fly them whenever I go to Boston, however for other flights I’ll have to stick to Delta for convenience.

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Well, obviously no bias from me either

@anon66442947 you must agree with me here, otherwise its treason Arnold Benedict