My first ever YT vid

I think this may be the start to a successfull YT careerā€¦ just kiddingšŸ˜‚ Anyway here is the video:

Tell me what to improve on in my next video pleaseā€¦ it is appreciated.


No sound?
You can always use replay mode for cinematic and chop off the sides

Iā€™ll sub. How many times have I commented that this week lol xD


Remember, no need for full thrust!

  1. Add flaps for takeoff. ALWAYS.
  2. Donā€™t go full throttle, 80/85% will do.

Do Live flights instead of Solo ones.

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Nice video. Remember:

  1. Donā€™t use full thrust ever on takeoff. N1 should never exceed 100%.
  2. Set flaps for takeoff. Always. You almost had a tail strike as a result of not using them.
  3. Donā€™t use heading AP for takeoff. Itā€™s just bad practice as you will usually drift off the centerline.
  4. Try to climb out smoothly instead of pitching up and down. Remember not to rush.

Nice job. Keep up the good work.


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