My first ever “Trip Report”

Hey there IFC! I needed to get back home to Los Angeles but couldn’t find a cheap flight during the daytime 😬. Found this flight on the A321-200 Delta that only costed me 200$ for a redeye! We didn’t depart till around 01:00EST and we didn’t land till 04:00PST! It was one heck of a night but i’m glad i’m home!

The goods 😏

Airline: Delta Airlines
Aircraft: Airbus A321-200
Route: Atlanta - Los Angeles
Estimated FT: 04:22 hours
Actual: 04:15 hours

Good Evening from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport! Today I will be flying a red eye to Los Angeles to get back home. Here we have our flight for today, an Airbus A321-200 built 12 years ago and was sold to Delta 3 years ago. It was a very busy night here in Atlanta but surprisingly no delays!

We left the gate right at 01:00 and pushed right next to an Airbus A350 which just came in from Amsterdam

Now this confused me so much! It was so clear and now it’s foggy? Dang the weather is so weird!

nice engine view as we are cruising at 35,000FT

As we started to descend into Los Angeles my Camera died so i wasn’t able to grab some good shots but i did get these with my phone! Hah little Santa Monica Airport.

So glad I caught this! as we were on our final approach for runway 6R I got a picture of a Qantas A330 taking off of runway 25R heading to Brisbane!

Hey I can’t complain it was a good landing! (considering i landed it…) sorry what? anyways well done to the pilot and first officer

At last, now i can go home and sleep! Thanks for coming with me on this journey hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I will be flying to Papeete soon from Los Angeles on Air Tahiti Nui! Thanks for sticking around! See you guys later, goodnight! “Thank god it’s over I can go home, i really tricked them into thinking someone else flew the plane lmao can’t believe they would fall for it.



I loved your report, I would recommend you to do more, I felt on your flight with this report… 😂


Currently working on one! Austin - Santa Ana on the miserable Airbus A319 😒.

Great concept! Felt like a real flight lol

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Nice trip report

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Appreciate it though!

Super realistic love it

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appreciate it 🤙🙂

Love it nice trip

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Great trip! I’ve done a red eye out of ATL a few times before (in real life), most recently on a Delta 757-200 out to MSP. Atlanta from the air at night is really a sight to see.

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