My First Ever Model Airplane - Etihad 787-9 1/200 (Skymarks)

This is my first ever model plane: Etihad 787-9 1/200 scale. It cost me a jaw-dropping $60. It’s all plastic (sturdy plastic), and the shipping was slow, but I sure do love the plane! Next in my list will be either the United 787-9 or Southwest 737!

I took some pictures of the plane, it looks nice, right? (Pictures taken with iPhone 6)





Nice model man! Love that livery, it goes well with the 787.

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I love both the plane and the livery, but it sure cost me an arm and a leg!

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Be careful with it, precious cargo lol :) Must be good quality for that price

It’s decent quality, a bit overpriced, and I’m pretty dissapointed that it’s all plastic (and snap fit).

that sucks man, i would try to order from a different site next time, but i think the model looks good

What country are you from?

I am from the US.

what website/store did you get it from?

I got it from Amazon, Daron has a lot of planes to sell, so make sure to check out the other ones they have! It’s a long list!

Cool. It you want some planes with landing gear, try hogan wings on the models on the website aren’t that expensive. Also try

Thank you!

I would vouch for jetwaymodels, Nick is a wonderful person to do business with and is pretty much my exclusive provider for models when I cannot directly order my models from my distributor.

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I prefer going for die-cast models, made by Geminijets, but this is probably one of the best models of it’s kind I’ve seen!

That looks great, congratulations on your first of what will likely be many. Plan on freeing up a lot of shelf space!

A piece of constructive criticism – the horizontal stabilizers on the back of your model are on upside down in these photos. It’s an easy mistake to make as it’s a sobtle thing, but they should angle upward.

Second, be careful to avoid exposing WHITE plastic model parts to direct sunlight too much (or even fluorescent lights); the UV exposure can fade / yellow the plastic quite a bit.

I have over 200 Gemini, Dragon Wings etc in 1:400 and maybe 10 1:200, mostly from Skymarks. The 777-300ER mold is great; AA, Air China, Air France, Kuwait (old colors, yet I think Kuwait never took delivery of a -300ER in the old livery).

I am waiting for a Skymarks A350-900 Delta and the United 787-900. I can’t wait.

I third this, jetwaymodels rocks and the prices are incredibly affordable. That same model on jetwaymodels is $32.90.

I believe this is necroposting, sorry,


Nice model you got love the eithad livery I have a etihad a380 in 1-200 scale by Gemini jets and I love it.

Thanks for letting me know, I noticed I had them on upside down a while ago, and it’s been fixed.

Nice plane and in the background beautiful plants