My First ever IFC post - featuring the airbaltic B757

TODAYS FLIGHT: Riga to Edinburgh

Arrived at Edinburgh, parking at the gates 🇬🇧


Flight Time: 3:10H
Aircraft & Airline: B757-200, airBaltic
Server: Expert Server
Landing FPM: -199fpm

I hope you guys enjoyed these two photos, sadly I can’t take many screenshots as my device is full on storage, I will try and include more photos during cruise! Let me know what your favorite photo was, and what I can improve on! Thanks!



Sadly as a new user I can’t post more than one photo, however here was the takeoff from Riga:


That first screenshot is spicy!!! And welcome to the IFC!

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Great screenshots! The 757 really delivers for excellent screenshots.

Welcome to the IF community!

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Thanks for the welcome ry!

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OMG he really read the rules, that’s rare to see hehehe.

Welcome to the IFC! Coll photos :)


I fully agree with that. I love the 757 and airBaltic, so its the perfect combination! Thank you for the welcome!

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@IF-Mallorca my brother taught me all about the IFC lol, and thank you for the compliment and the welcome! Glad to be here! :D

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Welcome to IFC.

It’s a very nice the picture!

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Thank you! Greatly appreciate it!

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Lovely picture! Love the Air Baltic 757, very under-represented.

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It sure is. AirBaltic is my favorite airline, I am wishing for the a220 😂 and thank you sir!

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