My first event being announced soon


I am pleased to announce that after 6 weeks of planning, my first ever IF event is almost ready to be announced to you guys. I will announce it a couple weeks after my exams are done and I get my laptop back from being fixed (the screen broke lol) bcause I have some last things to plan

Look out for the event name which will be “Project Sunrise” (I am not telling what the event will be but the name might give you a clue) and show some support (for example if I get the format wrong (i dont think i have), please moderators don’t shout at me.)

Thanks, and look out for the event (will be announced probably sometime in early-mid June)

BennyBoy (Captain BennyBoy in Infinite Flight)

If anyone is going to make a comment… Just flag it instead.

Good luck with your event @BennyBoy_Alpha!

Sounds exciting! I will most likely sign up

No need to pre-announce an event :) Just post it.

Good luck!