My first edits.

These are my first edits in IF. All feedback is appreciated, don’t hold back. Keep in mind that these are just light edits, and I didn’t want to do anything major just yet.

  1. A quick flight from KCLT to KNEW, about 6 months ago on ES

  2. A Formation Flight and Aerial Refueling in the Newark (KEWR) area on TS1, about 1 month ago.

  3. Description is the same as No. 2


Wow, #3, is just… wow. My eyes.

@Altaria55 What’s wrong?

#3 is what you see when you rub your eyes too hard.


I’m not exactly sure what you were trying to do with #3. Whatever you were doing, you did it way too much.


Thanks for the feedback!

Wow, awesome job! They all look amazing, especially #3!

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this deserves comment of the year


I think that number 3 is amazing. Didn’t even have to rub my eyes to see how awesome it looks.

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The others are nice but #3 is just… I don’t even know to be honest. Maybe it’s from an app called Alien Flight or something? It looks nothing like the simulator. I suggest you stick to the style of the first two

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If I could award I would

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I like the 2nd one!