My First Documented Flight From Frankfurt —> Vancouver 777-200lr

Hey IFC!
This is my first ever documented flight From Frankfurt to Vancouver, I’m a big fan of flights that bring you over the Arctic I hope to do more in the future.
Server: Expert
Plane: Air Canada 777-200lr

We start at the gates a Frankfurt where I load passengers, fuel and file my flight plan.

Holding Short RWY 25C.

Liftoff! It’s a hastily departure out of Frankfurt assisted by 2 GE 90s.

Climbing to our cruise of FL 340.

The underbelly of this livery is what makes it my favourite, the black with the red maple makes it very easy to spot from below.

Cursing over the Canadian Rockies.

Descending into Vancouver.

And Touchdown! On RWY 08R at Vancouver.

Parked at the gate while a 777-200er taxis to RWY 08L

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those are some really nice pictures you took!


I liked all of them tbh

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I love all of them, very nice job!

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Thanks Shane

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Really cool pictures. 2 was my favorite

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