My first day on the Ramp at Port City Air


Welcome to my thread detailing my first day today. While I did go on the computer, that was later in the day, and was told I did not have to finish it tonight.

I live in Manchester, NH, so it’s a 45min drive to get to Portsmouth, NH and vice versa.

Today, I was shown some basics on fueling, as well as a one time show of Marshaling of a Hawker 4000, as well as how to log fuel tickets into a binder.

I did then do some computer stuff, but I was able to go out to the ramp to spot an Atlas Air 767-300!

I did not have my badge, so I have to be escorted for now until I complete some classes to obtain my badge.

Note I did not fuel the airplanes. I was to observe how it was done. Same with marshaling.

Here are some pictures of my day

Fueling a Cessna 172

Fueling an AS355

Wheels Up Beechcraft King Air 350

Sunset on the Ramp

Last Picture, an Atlas Air 767-300 heading to Warner Robins, GA.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for visiting :)


Cool stuff. I was gonna try to work at Atlantic Aviation at KPIT this spring/summer but school plans got in the way.


Nice pictures! This is so exciting for you!

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I’m now super undecided if I want to work on the ramp. I was going to do it once I’m able, but I started lifeguarding this summer, and I kinda love it. What’s it like working on the ramp?

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Same AvGas truck we have. You forgot to chock the truck by the way. 😉


Tell that to my trainer 😂😂


I just started dude haha. Come back to me in a month or two.

In a nutshell, it’s a very great experience working around the airplanes. I didn’t do very much today though.

So do I want to get payed to work with airplanes, or sit around in the sun?

Hum… 🤔

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Hard Choices…

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If you are really into planes, and want to fuel, load, unload baggages, escort passengers/pilots, and volunteer to work until 2-5am (If airplane is delayed and if you’re working second shift) and get paid overtime (if working 40hrs a week), then it’s up to you.

If you want to just sit in a chair all day and go out swimming to save lives, that’s also your choice.

Today was fun. It was a very slow day today, and I got to go up to a Hawker 4000 when I was shown how to marshall an airplane :)

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I haven’t done this yet, just cleaned up a lot of vomit… 😂

I might be switching jobs when I’m 18 come to think about it… 😂

Now that’s awesome

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Welcome to the ramp

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