My first day as a SAVA pilot

After i could see it coming since some days it now happend, i became a cadet at SAVA and directly started with doing my job. On expert server i flew with the Dash8, together with @Springbok777 from Durban (FALE) to Port Elizabeth (FAPE), there he left me alone while i keept flying to Cape Town (FACT). With a small delay i reach Cape Town where i jumped onto the A346 to fly into Johannesburg (FAOR)

I brought the Dash8 into the sky of South Africa

And more or less good i brought it down again

@Springbok777 and @Owain_G flew with me from FACT to FAOR (2x A330 1x A346)

And also i tried landing in Johannesburg, but i decided to go around, two times

And, well, the day needed a good end what means SUNRISE PICTURES!!!


I think you forgot the photos…🤔😂😂

Its just a bad fail

And embarrassing

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You should probably add them before this get closed

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It won’t get closed, it was a mistake. No biggie.

Just continue editing.

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Well ok, lets go editing this fail

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Looks great with the pictures and words! Great job


Amazing first day @TYTY! It was a great flight, hope to do more in the future!


Yes, hopefully more good flights… the Odyssey above Johannesburg was just bad, dont want to go around next time.

I had a lot of fun with SAVA today. Thank you for giving me the possibility to fly for SAVA


Really good shot there with the A380 and A346! 😍🔥👌🏻


It’s been great to see you guys flying there. I’ve been flying there this past week with GAF for humanitarian flights from Harare to Mozambique in C130. The airspace has been pretty quiet apart from GAF. It was nice to have some company.

And congratulations. I hope you enjoy your time with SAVA

Steve Solo


You are guy that I keep seeing in the C130!

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Lol. Yes indeed. We’ve nearly hauled all that we need to haul now. We will be returning to Europe over the weekend.


That is fantastic


Thank you for the positive feedback @TYTY
It’s a pleasure to have you flying with the VA.

@SteveSolo, I’ve seen you guys active there and have been doing my own missions from FAOR in the C130 under the callsign SANDF1. I’ll be flying with you guys soon though!


You dont need to hope that i enjoy my time with SAVA, I already do it. Yesterday I was flying for the first time in Namibia and it was awesome, while landing the sun tried to hide behind the Mountains close to Windhook

The scenery in afrika is just beautiful


Yes I saw you 👍

When you fly with GAF do look me up. It would be great to fly together.

I’m in 47 Squadron, 2 Group, European Air Force, Global Air Force.

Looking forward to flying with you soon