My first controlling session

Today, I had my very first controlling session, at KPSP. Even though I’ve had live for about 2 weeks, I was scared to control cause I thought I might make everyone crash ;). Now, I find it fun and enjoyable. I quit after 30 minutes because everyone kept taking off without clearance. playground lol Anyone have any advice? Maybe after a month I will try and take the IFATC test, when I have more experience.


Hi Kyle well done. Just keep practicing and then you can get on to the expert server where all pilots should listen to you In the manner this should if you have and questions Kyle remember I am all ways here don’t worry too much we all make mistakes and then we lern from them ps Marcus 👍👍

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Controlling is really fun I taking my practical today and I can assure you it’s really fun to atc if you ever want practice make a forum post or contact a scout if you ever wanna practice pm me I will come if I’m not busy :)

Some people I recommend is @JoshFly8 who taught me a lot and @anon66442947 who taught me mostly everything I needed to know


Hey Kyle!
Glad you’re enjoying controlling. if you’re interested in getting some help with training for becoming an IFATC Controller, you can contact myself one of the scouts here and if you want to contact a recruiter to take your test, contact on of the recruiters listed here. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

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@Zachary_Meir_Tish is assisting me so I can attest to his stamina and endurance and overwhelming patience lol when it comes to sitting through a session. Just last night he very kindly sat through my very first approach session (which was laughingly ridiculous) but he was generous and kind and showed me how to do it the right way etc. I hugely recommend him


The best thing I ever did to learn to control is contact a scout, and now I’m an IFATC controller.


If you’re interested in taking the IFATC test or just want to sharpen your ATC skills, I can recommand the video ‘the perfect atc test’ on the ‘official infinite flight atc’ youtube channel. In this video Tyler Shelton took the practical ATC test and explained the most important things of controlling Tower and Ground.

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if you really want to practice to be come an advanced ATC then would suggest that you start first with a smaller airport and avoid the SoCal region. In other regions you generally get more pilots who obey and only the occasional ‘nimrod’ rather than the other way around. Once you have selected your region / airport then suggest that you find the airport charts online and study them to see the different approach and departure routes that are taken in real life as this will help with you planning for arrival and departures of different aircraft.

good luck!


Yea, I try and avoid SoCal, I usually go on Carribean or London.


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