My first Cessna VOR navigation condensed in a timelapse

Yes Yes! And yes!

It’s here, it’s shiny, it’s working and more than that it’s flying!

Having my hands on that awesome bird that is the new Cessna is an amazing sensation. I did my first VOR navigation, it was a bit confuse but I still landed where I planned :)

Little flight on solo (no pro sub yet 😕) between MMTJ (Tijuana) and KAVX (Catalina) for a little above 50 minutes. I selected two VORs on my path and took off, hard to contain the excitation and plan an appropriate flight hehe…

Below is the video, I do some mumbling in French basically saying how awesome is this aircraft so if some baguette speaking annoys you, sorry 🥖🇨🇵

For the team guys looking around, thank you very much for the hard work 👏🤙