My First Business Class Experience - Singapore Airlines B787-10 [Dec 2019]

Back in December, I took my first business class flight, on Singapore Airlines. This was because we wanted to use miles, but economy was all fully booked, so we had to fly business 😉

Flight Details

Flight: SQ 981
Route: Bangkok to Singapore
Aircraft: Boeing 787-10
Class: Business
Seat: 17A

All checked in! Head to the lounge. A must go before your flight! The SilverKris lounge at Bangkok is amazing! I love the food and ambience there. Didn’t take much photos though, what a pity!

Boarded the flight, love the new business class seats on SQ!

Menu for today. Seems great!

Off into the skies! Meal service began really quickly after takeoff as the flight was quite a short one.

Business class cabin.

After a short 1 hour, we started descending into Singapore. As it was near Christmas, the friendly cabin crew came around to give out some sweets!

Hope you enjoyed my mini flight review!

Should I post my experience onboard the Thai 747 next? (not on the Star Alliance one, another one!)

Have a great day ;)


Thanks for posting ! Always a great moment when economy is full and you unfortunately need to fly business ahaha. Yet the best one that happened to me was flying economy and got upgraded to business without even knowing when economy was full on a good old Emirates A330


I am so jealous! Great photos. Can’t wait to see what else you post for all of us.

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Looks great, but how was the legroom? I’ve always felt their legroom while in the fully flat position was rather tight in the foot hole, and this extends to their B77W, A388 and both variants of the A359. I was supposed to get on the B78X this year but I guess we all know what’s happening.

The legroom? Amazing. It’s flat bed. I’ve flown the 787-10 on economy too, it’s not bad.

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It was around 5,000 miles more than Economy, so why not? Hehe.

Surprising you say that since I’ve read on many places that the legroom was almost angled to one side. Great to get first hand experience and details on this.

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SQ has really decent legroom.

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That’s great to hear.

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Oh man, that food looks so good. Nice “mini” flight review.

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Awesome pics! Definitely a solid business class product!

The old-ish business class found on Singapore’s 777s, A350s, and A380s makes you sleep at an angle instead of parallel with the seat. And regarding the footwell for Singapore’s 787-10, there’s been some complaints that this business class, the Stelia Aerospace Symphony seat, has small foot space. There’s been some complaints with Turkish Airlines’ new 787-9 business class which uses the same type of seat, and now there’s rumors Turkish will implement new seats to replace the Symphony seats already


Yeah, i thought so. Hope SQ gets this issue out of the way in their next generation seats. Flying long haul and getting your legs crammed is not exactly the best combinations. As for Turkish, I never knew they ran into similar issues since I always thought that this issue is simply SQ only since they’re known to design the seats in house. One of the few airlines in the world to do that.


Oh wow!!! Looks amazing, thank you for sharing :)

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