My first, best commercial aircraft landing at KSJC

I don’t post many screenshots, but I was excited to share my first great commercial aircraft landing. I’ve been working hard to get better at sticking my landings on the center line, and also making them soft. When I first started flying the 737 family, my landings were all over the place (part runway, part grass 😅). Then, after I hit the TS, I’ve been getting landings on one side or the other of the runway (no grass though). Now, a few landings shy of ES eligibility, and after messing with trim, I’m getting them centered. I landed at ~-270 VS - nice and soft, no float.

Aircraft: B738 (Heart)
Approach: RAZZR Four
Time: Flight time was 4 hours 6 minutes (6 minutes early)
Cruise speed/altitude: M0.78 at FL340
Server: Training

Taking off from KMDW, with Chicago and Lake Michigan in the background.

Flying over Pueblo, CO with the mountains in the background.

Initial descent into KSJC over the mountains.

Getting close now, with a beautiful river running along the mountains.

Turning to final. Beautiful approach into KSJC.

Bleeding a touch of speed, right before I put the nose gear down. Nailed this landing, dead center. I hope to continue nailing them.

Thanks for looking!

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Great pics, that looked like a pretty smooth landing, nice job!

I’m sure @BigBert10 and @GlobalFlyer1 will be happy you flew to KSJC!


Nice pictures! I want to try this route sometime


Thanks for flying to SJC! We need more pilots to fly to SJC so thanks for contributing! 😃


Well done :)

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