My first B772 flight

This was my first Boeing 777-200ER flight after its rework. I decided to do long haul flight in livery that I have never flown before. This was my third longest flight in Infinite Flight. I departed out of Rome around 20:10 local time (18:10 UTC) and flown over Mediterranean Sea, France, Atlantic Ocean, Canada and USA. I changed time when taking photos to make you able to see something.

Flight Details

Route: LIRF - KLAX (Rome - Los Angeles)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER Alitalia
Flight Time: 13h 35min
Time In The Air: 12h 48min
Callsign: Alitalia 1829 Heavy

Spawned into LIRF airport and started boarding passengers, their luggages and catering

Taking off out of runway 25 in Rome

Climbing to FL320 over Mediterranean Sea

Entering French airspace over Nice

Leaving Europe via Oceanic Track B

Saying “hello” to Chicago

Flying over KDEN (Denver International Airport)

On final approach to KLAX

Smooth touchdown on runway 24L

Deboarding passengers and cargo

I hope that you enjoyed photos! Let me know which photos were your favourite


Hmm… nice ones buddy!


These pictures are so simple but so great, well done!

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This photos are simple because it was my first time. Next time they will be better, I hope… ;D

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Hey, great pictures just remember the maximum allowed pictures are 10. You need to remove two. For more information of these rules check out this topic :)

they are all perfect but my favourites are 2, 8 and 9

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awesome photos!


i can see you flare too early :D

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That is true but my landing wasn’t the worst - I had just -158 fpm on landing ;)

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Nice pictures! I appreciate the cleanliness of them and the simple angles.

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Flying over Nice?



My opinion about this airport is the same

That’s really awesome ! Amazing colors :)

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