My first B752 flights

As I am TL2 I had the opportunity to test the B752 the last couple of days and even though I never do it, I wanted to share some pictures anyways. These are some of my flights from the last days:

My first flight: Delta from Atlanta to Miami

The next one is EC Air, a former airline from the Republic Congo (not the democratic republic of Congo). Here I am over the river Ogooué:

Next up my first B752 long haul from Reykjavik to Vancouver (thanks to @Kamryn for helping me with the fuel), The picture was taken over the east coast of Greenland:

Next up the most requested livery: Cabo Verde Airlines blasting out of Espargos heading towards Dakar:

Yesterday I flew from Riga to Moscow with the Air Baltic B752:

A livery I was very excited to see was the Nepal Airlines one. Here I am departing Kathmandu towards Delhi:

Lastly a picture taken today at Melbourne while going around, when I was doing some pattern work


I’m loving that shot over Greenland with all the ice 🥰


Beautiful shots ! Really nice angles, thanks for sharing this with us^^
I can’t wait to test the 757 !


Yeah it fitted Icelandair so well! That’s why I wanted Air Greenland, but well 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Thanks mate!