My first ATC Timelapse!

ATC local timelapses

This is my first ever made timelapse for ATC session.
Enjoy the videos!

Airport: NZAA
Date: Aug 25, 2022 15:41~16:47

Tower: @Suungx2
Ground: @Andrew99
Approach: @BT_HANDLES @JeffreyTian
Center: @TimShan05

Here’s another.

Airport: YPAD
Date: Aug 29, 2022 13:35~14:47

Tower: @Suungx2
Ground: @Suungx2
Approach: @Destroyer350


Very cool👍

Is this what ATC sees?

Very similar to this

Ok cool good picture

It’s a video

Oh oops😅 next time can you add some music to your video? Either way your video looks really good I just subscribed.