My first around the world flight! [CANCELLED]


Hey IFC! Since we are all aware of the current pandemic that we are experiencing now I have decided to might as well do a around the world flight!


This flight will be utilized as a cargo flight! It would be carrying medical supplies needed to protect the doctors!


You would be asking right now, what are the destinations are you targeting? Well… the current destinations that I am planning is listed below;

• Manila
• Guangzhou
• Wuhan
• Italy
• Washington
• Los Angeles
• Brisbane
• Manila

If you guys have anymore suggestions make sure to make a comment!


So I will be starting this flight at May 1 and should end by May 3. Total flight time is 56 hours and 17 minutes! If you have any more suggestions and questions please make sure to drop a message!

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Prepare your phone hardly then lol👌😂

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RIP phone 😂😂😂


Best place in Australia to stop by 👌


Milan or Rome?

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Probably might do Rome!

Milan was the epicentre in Italy fyi

Keep us posted on the journey :)

Oh alright! I’ll sure do!

Dang it, do you have online classes lol

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This topic may be closed! Thanks!